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Ringing in Autumn

I love jewellery.  All types.  Any type.

I especially love bold, big jewellery.  Chandelier drop earrings.  Rows of plain silver bangles.  Honking great rings. 

Yep.  I especially like rings.  They're my favourite piece of jewellery to make.  And to wear.

I like seeing what rings other people are wearing.  I like browsing in shop windows admiring different ring designs.  I really like it when the display lights cast that magic glow across gemstones that makes them twinkle.  It makes me smile. 

When it comes to rings, it's not about owning a big ole rock.  It's just that I like hands.  I think hands are beautiful.  Very creative. Quietly expressive.  And I like rings.  So when you put the two together it's a winning combination. 

I recently came across this book...

...And thought I'd gone to jewellery heaven.

Take a peek...


I'm currently working on some new rings designs.  As soon as they're finished, I'll post some pictures.

Do you have a favourite type or piece of jewellery? 

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