Change Flutters By...


Butterflies have always represented transformation for me.  Something fragile, beautiful, and very powerful. I went through a stage in my life where I sought out lots of change.  I found it exciting.  Then, I went through a stage of life where change felt so unsettling, and became quite frightening for me.  Now, I believe that all change is for the better.  It is simply life unfolding.  And there is huge power in the quiet way it moves.  I think there's something very beautiful about things being transformed (I've seen what a trowel full of
make-up can do for me.  From "aaaargh" to "grrrr" in under five minutes.  That's a transformation I'm very willing to take on board.).  How do you feel about change?

I really enjoyed painting this page in my art journal.  And when I'd finished, I found three chrysalises (I feel like I'm lisping saying that) on the path in my garden...  So, I put them in a jam jar (no lid) and they are sitting in the dark, under a chair in my conservatory.  I'm keeping an eye on them and hoping they're doing fine.


  1. Change is one of those constants in life that at some point we all have to accept - I do find that difficult at times though I must admit. You're right though - change makes the present all the more beautiful because it can be fleeting

    Jem xXx

    P.S Gorgeous artwork, Em!

  2. Wow just think they will emerge into 3 beautiful butterflies ;-) You were meant to find them to help you grow as a person just as they change your changing and growing every day on your lifes journey the journey of self discovery is an exciting one..embrace it ;-)) loving your art today. dee xx

  3. Hmm, I find change hard to manage and quite challenging, but of course it's necessary for growth.
    Gorgeous art work. xxx

  4. Oooh I'm not a big fan of change. We've had a lot of it recently and Ive taken a while to adjust. But I guess it keeps us on our toes and stimulates us. stops life getting too boring.
    Love ur pictures xxx

  5. I love butterfly earrings but then I am an earring nut.

  6. This piece of artwork along with the words that you have added to it are my fave so far Em! Love it! Finding those three chrysalises is wonderful synchronicity! xo

  7. I have been reading your blog today. It has made me smile. Lots. I love your paintings and you write so beautifully xx

  8. Change "is simply life unfolding". I like that I will try & remember that when I start to feel a bit nervous about the future (i.e. starting a new career & finding a job).

    Hope you are well friend,

  9. I have a complicated relationship with change - I can get quite bogged down in the day by day sameness but then have a mini freak out if things get away from me. But I know it's often a good thing.

    And I love butterflies, I was debating the purchase of a butterfly wing ring while I was in Edinburgh, so pretty but couldn't decide if I was a bit grossed out as well.

    Ps. I've finally made some earrings. Not as amazing as your jewellery but a good start, I'm really enjoying it.

  10. Emma, I never used to care much for change, but now I have found that change can be a good thing. I just made a big move from one part of California to another. I think when one door closes, another one opens, and that is what change means to me at this time in my life. What a beautiful post today, and I LOVE the painting.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  11. I love your painting Em! I hope the chrysalises - now I am lisping! - will be safe and become beautiful butterflies.

    Hugs, Stephie x


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