A Gift For You - Meet Hana

Hello there.  I'd like you to meet Hana...


Hana means "flower" or "nose" in Japanese, and as she has a pretty nose and a flower in her hair, I thought Hana was a perfect name for her.

I don't know about you, but I don't always feel beautiful, or believe that I am.  I can scare myself when I look in the mirror.  Let's just say mornings are not my friend.  One of the things I used to tell the children I was teaching, was that we are all beautiful, on the inside and out, because there is no-one else quite like us in the world and that makes us very, very special.  Sometimes it seems easier to believe that about other people than ourselves, so I painted Hana, because I figured we could all use a reminder that we are beautiful and to believe in our own beauty.

Please feel free to right click on Hana and save her as a jpeg to your computer.  You can print her off and put her near your mirror, so that when the morning isn't your friend either, you can remember that you are completely beautiful, because there is no-one else quite like you walking around on the earth.  (All I ask is that you don't use Hana for commercial purposes, printing her onto anything for resale.  She is a gift for you.)

If you would like to download Hana to your smartphone then feel free to use this smaller image...


Here are the directions for download for your smartphone... 
  • Visit this page on your phone
  • Click on the image
  • Hold your finger on it
  • Save it
  • Go to settings, then Wallpaper
  • Choose photo from Camera
This should give a reminder everytime you look at your phone that you are beautiful.  Don't forget that.  It's true.

Have a beautiful week,


P.S. If you have any problems downloading Hana, just let me know and I will resize her for you. ♥


  1. Oh Emma. This made me want to cry for some reason.In a good way.I will download beautiful Hana. Thank you so much.I love seeing your art gifts unfold too. ~Blessings Nancy

  2. Love her (you are clever!). Such a beautiful sentiment. And she has red-hair too! Perfect.

    Jumbleberries xx

  3. I hope you see more of the beauty in you that the rest of us see.

  4. This is GORGEOUS, and I'm about to dowload it for use on my phone! :)

    Thank you!

  5. thanks for the sweet goodness,
    I love the wisdom flowing
    in her hair:)
    glad and grateful for you
    and your beauty,

  6. This is wonderful Emma, and what a wonderful reminder that we are all beautiful! Thank you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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