Bloom Where You Are Planted


This is Phoebe, and she is "blooming where she's planted".

Bloom where you are planted.  I saw this phrase once on a card or poster somewhere years ago, and it stayed with me.  Every now and then it pops into my mind.  I love the idea of blooming where you are planted, where ever that might be.

It popped into my mind today.

When I'm sitting in my conservatory, watching the birds and enjoying the sun on my face, I often get to hear the little boy who lives next door, playing in his garden.  We say hello and have a chat through the fence every now and then.  He is 3 years old and creases me up.  The last time we had a chat he told me how he likes to find spiders and pick them up, but sometimes he squeezes them too hard with his thumb and squishes them by mistake.

Today, I could see him dancing around twirling his mum's pink umbrella.  It was a sunny day.  I gave him a wave.  After he had had a good twirl, he started to pick the dandelions growing near the fence.  To him, they weren't weeds, but beautiful, yellow flowers, and he picked a whole bunch of them before giving them to his mum.

This got me thinking about our perception of things, and how it can cloud our enjoyment.  I don't like dandelions.  They pop up all over the place and won't go away.  But today, I got thinking about them as flowers and not weeds.  They are a beautiful bright yellow.  They are resilient.  And wherever they are, they certainly bloom where they are planted.  Whether that's in the middle of a garden, or in the crack between pavement slabs.

So, I decided, that today, right where I am, I'm going to make like a dandelion and bloom brightly and resiliently, right where I'm planted.  So, I planted myself in front of my computer and wrote this blog post. Just because I haven't been around for a little while, and I wanted to say "Hello".

How are you?  How are you "blooming where you are planted" right now?


P.S.  A big welcome to my new readers.  It's lovely to meet you.


  1. What a brilliant phrase - and I totally agree; I'm a huge fan of dandelions, they might not be the prettiest looking things in the world but they are the best shade of yellow!

    Jem xXx

  2. aahh what a lovely post bless that little lad. Its amazing and wonderful whenwe are able to view the world through a childrens eyes everything little thing is magical. Yellow is my favorite colour its warm and comforting and bright. Everything in my world is very rosy i am very lucky, take care, dee xx

  3. definitely blooming a little brighter
    after reading this
    and letting your colorful bold
    wash over me for a bit!
    I love your dandelion spirit:)

  4. I try! And that phrase is used as a tagline by a great over 40 fashion blogger (Bella Q) who just left me the loveliest comment, so it's just made me smile again. Great artwork again.

    Getting dandelions (usually just the heads) from my little boy is one of my favourite things. I usually pop it in a bud vase for the day.

  5. Well, I wouldn't necessarily describe myself as in bloom, but I agree it is such a waste of time and emotional energy not to make the best of where you are in life.
    I was listening to a discussion about the definition of a weed on the radio the other day. Apparently there is no such thing - it just describes a plant which is growing where you don't want it to grow. Those resilient, persistent little dandelions might not be in the right spot, but they are flowers all the same! Aren't we all?! xxxx

  6. I've not heard that expression before, what a lovely idea.

  7. This is a wonderful post and such a great mantra. Like a dandelion we should grow and blossom where we stand, not let ourselves be deterred by what others think if us or who or where we'd rather be, and make the best of what we are.

  8. well...I wasn't until I read your post, I was wanting to bloom somewhere else in the ground I thought infinitely more suited...but I've decided after reading that I might also make like the dandelion and bloom exactly where I'm planted.
    Thankyou, its a great motto

  9. I've always had a soft spot for dandilions - but that might be because I'm not a gardener. But I love the vibrant yellow, and when they turn to seed, who can resist blowing the dandilion clocks? :)

  10. I had some dandelions growing next to my tulips and they were as tall as the tulips (very unusual) but I left them in for a week because they did look like another flower.

  11. I have a fondness for that saying too and often think of it. In fact I recently did a google search for embroidery patterns with that theme - I used to have one which I lost.

    I also sometimes wonder about the nature of fate and how we are not all born equal but we can choose to bloom where we are planted. I sometimes relate this to pigeons of all things. On the one hand I see them in green lush surroundings in my lovely local park. They are surrounded by nature and have lots of lovely trees to nest in and they also get fed by visitors. Just a short distance away is the busy shopping area. The pigeons there eek out an existence by pecking up left overs from the street and scavenging around on pavements, dodging cars and people's feet. They have a small area of green and one tree to share. They all huddle together for warmth in winter. Sometimes I want to tell them that just a mile away they could fly off to a better life. They don't know that though, so they have to stay and make the best of things which they do – they just get on with it. We don't always have the best of choices which is why deciding to 'bloom where we are planted' is such a good choice to make.

  12. You are blooming, Emma! Like a beautiful flower that was purposely planted. I love the dandelion but I think of you as a vibrant poppy! :)

  13. What a lovely sentiment, Em. Too many people waste time and energy bemoaning their lot in life instead of making the best of it and just rolling with it.
    As a tortoise owner I'm very fond of dandelions, Jacob gets through so many of the leaves and it saves us a fortune in lettuce! xxx

  14. Blooming wonderful motto, illo and post...Love, love, love! Big hugs dear Em!

  15. Such a lovely post Em and a great story. I remember when my boys were small, they would do exactly the same thing. It made me smile to remember that!

    Have a lovely weekend, Stephie x

  16. As names go, Dandelion is one of the best I reckon. A dandy lion, great image!
    Bloom where you are planted IS a great way to look at life, and something I'm trying my best to do. Without smelling like a dandelion, of course!


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