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Favourite Thing On A Friday

Brace yourselves.  I've had an idea.

I've decided to start a new tradition on Fridays.  Called...

"Favourite Thing On A Friday."

(Can you see where I'm going with this?)


Basically it involves me taking oodles of pictures of one of my favourite things each week and wantonly posting about it here on my blog each Friday.

Each week while I'm going about my business, I usually spy something I love in a shop window.  Or find a forgotten piece of jewellery.  Or eat a new favourite piece of cake.  In my mind it becomes my favourite thing that week.  I get all excited and want to share it with you.  And then something else happens, I get caught up in life, and I forget to post about the little thing that came into my week and brightened my day.

Trivial.  Not earth-shattering.  But something I've found beautiful.  That's made me smile a big wide smile. Or made me snort laughing until I've had to change my undercrackers.

I'm of the mind that being aware of the loveliness all around me and celebrating that loveliness is worth doing.

Frankly something that makes me have to change my kecks is going to get a mention. 

So I'm doing it here on my blog.  

Each Friday. 

I fancy I'll make a blog button and place it in my sidebar so that if you are so inclined, you can join in, post about your Favourite Thing On A Friday, and link back with me here.

What do you think, do you fancy it?

So even though it's Thursday, I'm taking the bull by the horns and posting a photo of my all time favourite things this week.  Right here, right now.

'Cos that's how I swing.


Sending glitter and smiles,


  1. Emma I love that idea. I can't wait for these.

  2. I already look forward to the photo's you will be posting in the friday's to come. I saw the last Harry Potter film last week. I enjoyed it very much! Wish it didn't end. I will miss the books and the films terribly.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Madelief x

  3. That is a brilliant idea, I will def join in....when I remember!!!!! xx

  4. Emma that's a lovely idea and I really look forward to your great piccies
    ps happy Favourite Things Thursday!

  5. What a lovely idea, Em! That puss is adorable. x

  6. What a cute kitty pic! :) Wonderful idea, looking forward to seeing more! Big hugs back at you! ♥ Carla.

  7. Oh yes, a fabbydoo idea!...I'm in (as and when i remember too!) What a gorgeous photo, I feel the icy parts of my heart melting swiftly away :)
    We've got sunshine here so praying it lasts the weekend and we can go adventure forth! Hope you manage to steel yourself from bloggyland before your eyes google :) Hugs to youXX
    ps. the desire to use the word "mahoosive" was so strong I had to wrestle with myself...I knew at that point i may have a mahoosive compulsion!! :)xx

  8. cheers, I'll do it. Just grabbing your button now...


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