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Coco Rose, Share Your Sparkle!


So December is here.  It's the time of year when cats learn that chewing the wire on fairy lights isn't as much fun as they initially thought, glitter is liberally glued onto anything that stays still long enough, and the meaning of the phrase "less is more" gets forgotten.   And that's just in my house.  Yes, my friends, I'm cracking out my copy of Aaron Neville's "Soulful Christmas" once more and torturing Eric and Ernie with his warblings all over again.  Good times.  (On a bit of a seque, does anyone else find the word "bauble" ever so slightly rude?  No?  Just me then.)

In honour of the month that represents, to me, all things twinkly, I'm really excited to have the fabulous Coco Rose from Coco Rose Diaries sharing her sparkle here with us today at Mimi and Tilly.  You all know my passion for glittering jewels, and Coco Rose has opened up her jewellery box, and selected two of her most precious pieces to show us.  Thank you so much Coco Rose.  It's a pleasure to have you as my second guest blogger here at Mimi and Tilly.

Coco Rose writes a truly beautiful blog sharing her love of crochet, yarns, blends of colour, flowers, light, and all that she finds beautiful in her world.  It is a feast for the eyes and I never cease to be amazed by  her photography skills and her ability to turn rolls of yarn into exquisitely beautiful blankets.  If you haven't already come across Coco Rose Diaries, I highly recommend you take a look.

A huge welcome to anyone popping by from Coco Rose Diaries.  I'm very happy you've come on over.

♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥        
Blog name:   ♥Coco Rose Diaries♥

Preferred jewellery style:  Statement or small and discreet?

Depends on my mood! Sometimes I’ll wear just one discreet necklace or pair of earrings, other times, big rings and big necklaces.

Do you prefer costume jewellery, vintage jewellery, precious jewellery, or a mix of all three?

I would have to say costume and vintage jewellery are my favourites. I don’t own very expensive jewellery. I would lose it. I am a magpie, and cheap, cheerful and sparkly get me every time.

Which do you prefer? Yellow gold, silver, platinum?

For ages I disliked gold on me, so it was silver every time, but I am warming to gold and wear it more now.

Which piece of jewellery do you dream of owning? A twenty carat diamond ring? A tiara?

A big aquamarine ring with diamonds on a platinum base.

Which piece of jewellery can’t you leave the house without?


What sparkle are you sharing on Mimi and Tilly’s “Share Your Sparkle!”?

It was hard to narrow it down to just one……Is it okay to have two?  The first is an aqua cut-glass costume ring.  The second is a silver heart and earring necklace set.

What is the story behind this piece of jewellery?

I saw the heart necklace set one day in a shop and I fell in love with its beauty and simplicity.  I loved the shape of the hearts, that they were battered metal and that there was a tiny heart that dangled on the necklace at the bottom. 

My husband was with me at the time not really paying attention to my ooohs and ahhhs over it.  A week later I was taken to hospital. I was 28 weeks pregnant with my first child and all was not going well.  My son had to be delivered at 30 weeks just before Christmas, and sat on Christmas day in an empty maternity ward, my husband gave me this set.  He had been paying attention!  Each time I wear the set, it reminds me of that special Christmas.

The ring was my Grandmothers.  She loved costume jewellery, and had a big social life that meant she got to wear lots of it!  It’s just cut glass, nothing fancy or expensive, but it means the world to me.  My love of jewellery came from her.  I love this ring for it’s colour, shape and size.  Big, and bold, but soft and beautiful.  Every time I put it on, it takes me back to my childhood and all the lovely memories I had at her house trying all her jewellery on!  So the sentimental value of this ring is very big.

♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥   

Coco Rose, thank you for sharing your sparkle with us here at Mimi and Tilly.  I love your grandmother's ring.  It is such a beautiful colour.  I have a love of textured silver too, and the tiny swinging heart pendant on your necklace is so pretty.  I've really enjoyed reading your stories behind each piece, and can imagine how wonderful it felt to receive your pendant and earrings while you were in the hospital over Christmas.  I've added some hearts to my post in honour of your beautiful blogging style, and wanted to say a big thank you for guest blogging by giving you this blog button...   Please feel free to post it on your blog, as a big thank you for taking part.  You'll also be added to my list of glittery folk who have shared their sparkle here on Mimi and Tilly on the "Share Your Sparkle!" page of my blog.


If you have been inspired by Coco Rose and would like to take part by sharing your sparkle here on Mimi and Tilly, just send me an email via my contact page here on the blog letting me know you'd like to join in, and I'll get back to you.  I hope you've enjoyed sharing Coco Rose's beautiful jewellery as much as I have.

Sending glitter and smiles,


  1. how lovely! i adore my lovely nessa at cocorose! she's a shiny little- lovely star!!!!
    lovely blog here too x

    p.s i was teary at the heart necklace- made me think of how things like necklaces are treasures in memories- special moments in time- beautiful x

  2. Dear Emma,

    I have just posted about your BEAUTIFUL earring giveaway AND this feature on Coco Rose. I love my earrings!!!!

  3. Dear Emma,

    Sorry, I don't know if you got my first message! I have posted about your beautiful earrings and this feature on Vanessa!


    Thinking of you,


  4. I have popped over from Vanessa's blog to take a look at her sparkle! I think it's a lovely idea. I too, am a bit of a magpie, and love anything that sparkles. Vanessa's grandmothers ring is gorgeous, I do love big rings. The necklace and earring set is really charming and I love the story behind it, which makes it all the more special.Your blog header is very pretty. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, love Linda x

  5. Thank you Em for inviting me to take part in Share Your Sparkle! It was such fun, and I really enjoyed going through my sparkle box to find some things to share. It's lovely to be reminded of why you love something so much, so thank you again for allowing me to share these on your blog!

    Take care and much love

    Vanessa xxxxxxxx

  6. I think that I am too a magpie - cheap, sparkly and cheerful. Loved the interview and the blue ring.

  7. I loved this post, and reading about Vanessa's beautiful favourite sparkles, and the touching stories behind them. It's wonderful to discover your lovely blog too and I'll be back again (often). Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  8. I love this idea. What fun! And what lovely jewels.

  9. I really like this new feature, Em! And just came back from Coco Rose's blog and can see why you are smitten!

    P.S.: That ring is fabulous.

  10. Great post, story behind the necklace is so romantic. Lolo xx


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