Camera Analysis Paralysis

Today was my "Birthday Day Out".  Each year I take a day some time close to my birthday and do something fun.  A couple of years ago when I was one year off a milestone birthday I decided that rather than getting down on myself because of a number, I would start marking my birthdays with something great to look forward to.  We went to the zoo, with a picnic for three for two, one year.  Last year we went out for a meal, and did some clothes shopping.  Fabulous.

Today, I went camera shopping.

Having spent innumerable hours doing online research into which make and model of camera would be best for me to use to photograph my creative exploits, I got a severe case of Camera Analysis Paralysis.

Modes, functions, zoom capabilities, lenses, digital this, SLR that. Bridging Cameras?  What's that now?

The "Camera Shop for Serious Photographers" was recommended to us, and we made our way there, excited and filled with anticipation.  Would this be the place we found The Camera I Was Meant To Have?


After spending several very strange and difficult minutes trying hard to communicate with the monosyllabic, possibly ever-so-slightly drunk store person, we moved on. 

And found The Camera I Was Meant To Have in another store nearby.  It's lovely.  And just to prove it, here are some pictures we took of pretty things in the cafe where we had lunch.  Rustic old tables, vintage chairs, and delicious food.  I couldn't wait to get home to start taking pictures though, and tore into the box, and took these quick shots.

This bracelet is made using honking great (that's a technical term...) amethyst nuggets, lemon citrine faceted slabs, and vintage lead crystal beads, connected with wrapped loops of silver wire.  The larger beads are an inch long.  It looks great with a plain white, long-sleeve t-shirt.
This ring is made using thick silver wire and a smoky quartz bead.
This is one of a pair of silver and haematite earrings hanging from the pepper pot.  I love the way the camera has caught the reflections and light on the beads in this shot.
A faceted amethyst nugget, with silver wire, ring.

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