I've Only Gone and Baked!

Tomorrow will be the one month anniversary of me starting this blog.  I started it for different reasons:

1.  I started writing a journal in 1988.  I only ever wrote in it whenever the urge took me.  Last month I wrote my last entry, I had run out of pages.  Great, I thought.  I'll settle down for a good read.  I read it from start to finish.  It was miserable.  Awful.  If  I'd paid for it, I'd have had to demand a refund with compensation for damages inflicted.  I decided to write a blog instead.  With the vague possibility of people reading it, I might write something cheerful.

2.  I knew I wanted to shake things up a bit creativity wise.  I had a sense that exploring being more creative was the way for me to go.  If I publically committed to the challenge, there was no going back.

3.  Sometimes I get ideas in the middle of the night and I don't really think them through.

Yesterday I baked.  I made the icing way too runny so I added more icing sugar, which made it too thick so I added more water.  If I'd been trimming the legs on a chair I'd have been about an inch off the floor before I stepped away from the bowl.  So I took my pint and a half of icing and spread it on my wee cakes.   It ran off the cakes and made a pink puddle.  Tasted great.


Over the past month things have started to change.  Or maybe I have started to change. 
Dramatic sounding but true.  I didn't really know what to expect after I said out loud that I was going to spend the next year exploring being creative.  Would I suddenly have the urge to cook a curry from scratch?  Would I want to sketch in a flurry the striking features of people I came across in the street?  Would I start stencilling?

I've done my best to listen to the quiet voice of my enthusiasm over the past month.  And the odd things it has been telling me to have a crack at.

And I am finding myself more and more surprised.

I am enjoying the baking.  I am relaxed by the knitting.  I find making jewellery really rewarding.  Painting is fun.  But writing.  I get absorbed in the writing.

When I sit down at the computer to write the next blog entry I have literally no idea what I'm going to write about.  I click on the tag that says "New Post" and then I start to type.

Words just come.  It's the oddest thing I have ever experienced.  I start to tell a story of something that has happened to me recently, and a blog post appears.  I have no idea where the ideas are bubbling up from.  I have become a creative bottle of pop when it comes to actually writing the blog posts.

I always enjoyed keeping a journal.  It was cathartic to get down on paper my private thoughts. I've never been much of a letter writer.  I've taken writing classes where I've been told to write stories.  I've written some poems for children that I used when I was teaching.  I've written lots and lots of essays, exercises and teaching plans.  But I never enjoyed writing those things the way I enjoy writing this blog.  

And I love all of it.  Writing about what I've been knitting.  Writing about what I've been thinking.  Writing about things that happened to me recently.  A while ago.  Years ago.  It's like playing with words.

I know it looks like I've squeezed ketchup and guacamole on my cupcakes but that was actually a wee product known as Writing Icing that came in black, red, green, yellow or white.  All colours I'm itching to see on top of my cakes.  I might not be that great at the cooking part of the programme.  But the getting creative with the words bit seems to be going ok.


  1. I raise my 'cocktail' glass to this wonderful creative quest! (I ditched my (sorry) journal writing for a more positive blog too).

  2. This sounds like a fabulous idea! What a fun exercise in self-exploration!!! The cupcakes actually look quite adorable!! I'll bet they tasted good! I'm trying to teach myself how to bake and decorate cakes. It actually is a lot more fun than I imagined!!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and making my SITS day the best ever!! I hope you'll be back!

  3. wow...your rules are inspiring! especially like the last one, "say yes to your creativity"! you go girl! all the best, erin

  4. Hi There!!

    Thank you for visiting both my blogs today! Yes, I am a Spirit Jumper :)
    I love what they do. Thank you for sharing your kindness with me!

  5. cupcakes are so charming and sooo delicious- love your blog


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