Creativity Gremlins

This week I have experienced for the first time a phenomenon I will call The Creativity Gremlins.

Gung-ho and expectant about what the week would throw up for me creativity wise, I have found that being creative can be tricky.  Particularly when the Creativity Gremlins get hold of your household appliances.

Picture the scene.  I've fed the cats (ripped open a couple of food sachets and hurled a few cat biscuits their way).  I've put a load of washing in the machine, tossed a couple of slices of bread into the toaster, have started to defrost something in the microwave so I'm ready later to prepare lunch, have started to run myself a bath, and have turned on my laptop.  All so that I can sit quietly, with an artistic chewing of the lip, chin slightly raised, ready, gung-ho and able, to tap into whatever Being Creative has in store for me today.  Come on inspiration.  Hit me with it.

Be careful what you ask for.

I got hit with something, but it wasn't inspiration...

I ask you, how am I supposed to be creative and open to "the flow" when the screen from my lap-top comes off in my hand (I kid you not), my washing machine gets stuck in the rinse cycle and refuses to move on, my toaster has a hissy fit and will only toast one side of the bread, my boiler goes on the fritz and decides it's only going to heat the water when I'm doing the dishes and not when I'm running a bath, and my microwave chooses to opt out of its responsibilites mid-defrost and not microwave any more?  Seriously.

If I didn't know better, I'd think they'd had a good ole jangle about my foray into all things creative, judged it harshly, and were bullying me into spending more time with them.

So, I've had to spend a bit of time sorting out my sulking household appliances.  I had planned to go camera shopping then photograph some of the things I have been working on.  The amazing (for "amazing" read "in focus") pictures I have mentally planned on taking this week showing the results of my creative exploits so far are being postponed for a wee while.  In the meantime, because I refuse to be swayed by bullies, whether they are household appliances or not, I will include here a couple of pictures of things I have recently made, taken with my much loved but not very powerful snappy wee camera.  It does it's best, but is frightened of the dark.  It much prefers to take pictures outside rather than indoors!

I like playing with beads and silver wire, and seeing where it takes me.  Here are a couple of things I made recently.

This necklace looks quite complicated when it's finished , but it's actually fairly straightforward to make.  I found the lead crystal beads in a shop in Prague a few years ago and kept them in a box!  I think I'd like to change the clasp as it doesn't look very pretty, but as the necklace is so heavy, I think it needs the screw clasp for security.  The heart bead is about 2" long, top to bottom.  The beads of the necklace are a really gorgeous lilac/purple colour. 
This bracelet is made using rainbow flourite gemstones, silver wire, and a silver clasp I picked up somewhere on my travels.
Both the necklace and bracelet are made using the really simple principle of short pieces of silver wire threaded with a bead, and a loop turned at each end.  The loops are then linked together.
I found this "pendant" in a charity shop.  It's a vintage something or other, but I really don't know what it is.  It's made of filigree wire with rhinestones/diamante studded all over it.  It had a series of wires running parallel across each segment, which I cut out.   I then threaded it onto ribbon.  I'm not too keen on the pearls but they came with it so it's a shame to "butcher" it too much! The pendant is about 9" long so isn't for the faint-hearted!  It looks great over a plain black t-shirt.
Let me know what you think...      

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