I've been thinking about coral, and the beautiful shapes it makes.  I realised that the other day, when the memory popped into my head about the art deco tiles at school, it was because I'd been looking at pictures of coral the day before, and thinking about how to translate the shapes into jewellery...  

These are some of the shapes I've found really beautiful.

 After making the copper earrings yesterday, I wanted to make a pair in silver, using just one piece of silver for each earring and making them smaller, with more coral-y curves!

Here they are... 

They have beautiful, deep red, fresh water pearls to complete the "underwater" theme!


  1. Those are lovely AND unique Emma! They definitely capture a sense of the coral.

  2. Ooh, beautiful! Both the photos and the earrings!

  3. I absolutely love them - any chance we could see them being worn?

    Sarah xxx

  4. So beautiful and fluid, I really love them, Em!
    Those coral photos are just lovely. x

  5. wow...these are just beautiful..I'm with Sarah..if you could wear them (minus the chelsea bun haha!) that would be luverly :)x

  6. Beautiful earrings and I love where your inspiration has come from. Amazing what shapes and colours nature serves up.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Camp chair sounds like a perfect solution for keeping the holiday mode going.

  7. These are beautiful and the coral pics amazing. Thanks for your lovely comment ;) Hannah x

  8. Hi Em,

    Your earrings turned out beautifully! How nature can be a source of inspiration :-)

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  9. Oh my heavens, these are so simple and so beautiful!
    Amazing photos of coral too - no wonder you were inspired.
    Gill xx

  10. in a quick look at google reader the other day i saw the opal earings and thought they were beautiful, i love where the inspiration came from, and now coral inspired earings too? wow! i've missd blogland and your blog especially, your creativity inspires me - thank you, i always feel better for a mimi and tilly visit!

    cate, xxx


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