The Earrings... In Situ

I had a couple of requests yesterday, asking if I could show how the earrings I posted about this week might look when worn.  

After several attempts to take photos of my own ear-holes (no mean feat),  I have managed to produce these photos.  I am near hysterical in the shots due to taking pictures of pretty much every other object in the room without managing to get a whiff of my own head, let alone my lug-hole.

I need to have a think about how to best take shots of my earrings in situ...

But for now, I hope these help.

And just because it made me smile, here is a picture of Ernie with his chum.

I'll be back tomorrow with...


I'm really looking forward to seeing what your favourite things have been this week.
Happy Thursday.  I hope you're having a great day.


  1. They look amazing! They make a big statment.

    Ernie is pretty darn cute too.

    E :)

  2. The earrings look gorgeous on - particularly keen on the first pair! They're eye catching and lovely without the Pat Butcher element - no easy feat! :-D

    Jem xXx

  3. My dad's called Ernie, he'd love that a cat shared his name, especially such a handsome one.
    Those earrings are beautiful on you, bold without being showy, I love them. x

  4. Fabulous earrings, well done on getting the pics :o) Reading Vix's comment, my dad's middle name was ernie but he got called it as his first name by many of people, def cool cat name :o) Scarlett x

  5. cute! I like seeing the earrings 'in action'.


    p.s. Ernie is a cutie!

  6. Good looking model :)

    Not easy to do self portraits at the best of times, let alone from side on


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