Favourite thing On A Friday - Peace and Quiet

It's just a short post this week.  Just to let you know, I've been taking some time to be peaceful and quiet.  And it's been lovely.

There's something about the quiet that leaves me feeling rested and refreshed.

With that in mind, I'll be back soon with some photos of a couple of jewellery designs I've been working on, and some pictures of a place I found that just really made me smile.

I hope you're having a peaceful and restful week.

Take care,
Lots of love,


  1. enjoy your peace and quiet!

  2. I completely agree - there is something soothing about quiet time by yourself. Hope you are doing well.

    Looking forward to your designs,


  3. well I have to say, I'm being extremely restful today, as I just had major dental surgery yesterday. Staying with my mum to be looked after for a few days now and being totally spoilt-yay for mums!

  4. We all need it sometimes. My little bird has gone to nursery so my house is unusually quiet, but I think I will enjoy the me time. Looking forward to your new designs. xxx

  5. Peace and quiet is the right idea for a Friday! Oh, add a cupcake and perhaps a martini and all's right with the world!

    xo, Bonnie

  6. Take your time and enjoy your peace and quiet!

    Lieve groet & happy weekend,

    Madelief x


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