Opulent Opals

Here are some earrings I made yesterday.

Inspired by some Art Deco tiles that I remember lining the corridors at school!  I don't know why the tiles popped into my head yesterday afternoon, but they did, and I got a fab idea for a honking great pair of earrings.

This happens to me a lot.  

I'll be doing something and my mind will wander, and as I day dream, something will pop into my head that gives me an idea for a jewellery design.  In the past when it's happened I've said to myself, "that shape would make a fab ring/earrings/necklace", worked out in my head how I would make it, and then forgotten all about it!  

Recently, I decided that if inspiration came, and I was near to my tools and sketch book, I would go and see if I could transform the idea into a piece of jewellery there and then.  Yesterday I did, and it was so much fun.

Next time around, I would modify this design slightly.  Making the earrings each from one piece of wire, rather than two.  Just to gi-gi them up that little bit more. 

But I love 'em.

They are made from copper and Peruvian opals.


They are 9cms long from top to tip, including the ear hooks and opals.  The opals themselves are 1.5cms long.

What do you think?

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  1. I love the wiggle curves, very unusual! They are absolutely stunning!

  2. Love those earrings!! Not sure if you got my emailto say that you had one the copy of SEW magazine. If you could let me have your address I'll post it off to you x Sue x

  3. Gorgeous, I love that they are made from copper (one of my fave colours) and are 'beaten'. They'd even go perfectly with a pink dress I'll be showing on my blog this Friday!

  4. cool,thanks, will reciprocate the link with your fave thing friday...which I've been meaning to do but it hasn't yet gelled well with my posts, this week it can :)

  5. Holy guacamole - you are so talented! They are simply spectacular.

    Sarah xxx

  6. They are beautiful, loving the combination and copper and pink. x

  7. I think they are perfect!
    I love the curvy deco style shape and the warm pinky copper, and combined with the beautiful opals they are completely desirable!
    Well done!
    Thanks for your positive comments on my latest makes - am so pleased you like them!
    Gill xx

  8. I love the colour of the copper and the shape. It is funny what sticks in your mind from school and past memories. They are beautiful, you talented lady. xxx

  9. They're beautiful, such a unusual combination and colour scheme - I love them.


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