Favourite Thing On A Friday - Flowery Love

It's been an embarrassment of riches this week as far as finding my Favourite Thing On a Friday goes.

Laughing with Steve.  

Warm weather.

The party with a huge open buffet.

But the honour has to go to the valiant sunflower that has battled being eaten by wildlife in it's pot in my garden. 

Somewhere in the soil in that terracotta pot lies the fattest slug this side of flowerdom.

Each night I go and try to find it, and each night the cheeky bleeder it hides from me.  Then in the morning when I get up another leaf has been chomped off it's stalk.  

This is a miniature sunflower, only about 12 inches tall.  But it has shown tremendous valour in the face of adversity.

Every morning for the past week, I've thrown back the curtains, and this beauty has been waving at me.  Saying "Hello!"

Or possibly...

"In the name of all that is good and great, I beg of you, please go and buy some slug pellets."

It's a hard one to call.

Can you see the fella on the right coming in to land? 

There are more sunflowers on the way. 

And tumbling out of the front of the pot are oodles of Nemesia.

Flowery love.

My Favourite Thing On A Friday.

What's your Favourite Thing On A Friday?

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  1. Great photos, ive had a few of my garden flowers eaten by those pesky slimey ones. Scarlett x

  2. I have done my first fave on friday post! xx I agree with you that the sunflower is an amazingly beautiful flower!

  3. I love sunflowers, your photos of blooms are so wonderful. :)

    The Cat Hag
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  4. What a brave and valiant sunflower! You could put a dish of beer in it's pot, that slug might get whats coming!! Beautiful photo's of your flowers xx

  5. I love sunflowers, they like a bit of sunshine, and over here in Ireland we have more cloudy days than sunny :)
    thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!

  6. I am probably known as crazy slug lady, as I wait til it rains, then pick em all up (with gloves) put them in a large flower pot and dump them at the end of the road on a bit of waste ground! I should just buy slug pellets I know, but I try to be organic. Besides, don't you then just get dead ones everywhere?

    Sorry to hijack your pretty post with slug ranting! They are not my favourite thing on a Friday ;-)

  7. Gorgeous photos Em! All the lovely flowers - a great favourite for a Friday! I love the happy yellow the best I think - a little burst of sunshine for me on a winter's day!

    Hugs and have a happy weekend, Stephie x


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