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Not long after I began blogging in August 2009, I came across a beautfiul blog called "NieNie Dialogues".

Stephanie Nielson is a young woman living in Utah with her family.

In August 2008, Stephanie and her husband, Christian, were involved in a plane crash, sustaining severe burns over 80% of their bodies.  The pilot of the plane was killed in the accident.

Prior to the accident, Stepahnie had blogged for three years about her family and day-to-day life in Utah.  She loves vintage clothing, jewellery and interior design.  After the accident her blog became about her fight for recovery.

I found Stephanie's blog exactly a year after the accident.  She was experiencing deep grief and loss, and wrote honestly and poignantly about her feelings.  It was deeply moving to read her blog posts.

Now three years on from the plane crash, Stephanie and her family are healing.  This film was taken last week.

Stephanie and Christian Nielson attribute their recovery and healing to their mormon faith.  Even if you don't hold the same beliefs as the Nielsons (I don't), their journey of recovery is truly inspirational.

Stephanie's blog is beautiful.  Full of love, life, hope, fun and vintage gorgeousness.

Well worth a visit...


  1. Thanks for showing me this - it's inspirational. Puts a lot of things into perspective, to see such a brave family overcoming their difficulties with such determination and grace.

  2. What a beautiful and touching story.

    Madelief x

  3. I so agree my friend....I find her so inspiring. Hugs. xoxo

  4. How sad and immensely inspiraing. I'm going to read her blog when i have time, thanks for sharing, Em. xxx
    PS Sunshine AGAIN here!


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