Favourite Thing On A Friday - A Bobby Dazzler Of An Idea - Another Little Bliss List


Hold onto your hats.  I've only gone and done it again.  I've had another bobby-dazzler of an idea.

A way for us to all share, in the same place, what makes our lives full of sparkle and glitter.  A place to look at all the things that make our lives beautiful, full of light.  A place to relax and peruse images of gorgeousness. Whilst perhaps having a mug of hot chocolate, covered in marshmallows, or a cheeky glass of wine.

I'd like to be able to say, "I've bought you a gallery!  And filled it with comfy chairs.  A hot chocolate machine.  And gorgeous waiters to waft us with said marshmallows." But I can't.

I've done the next best thing though (I have a fondness for hyperbole)...

I've set up a Mimi and Tilly Flickr group!


It's catchy isn't it?

I'd love for this to become a place where you shared photographs, videos and images of the things that make your life full of glitter.  Whether that be things you've crafted, meals you've loved, recipes you've invented, a yoga class that makes your heart sing.  Or even just that first cup of tea in the morning that tastes amazing.

Take a beautiful photograph of that fabulous cup of tea, the art-work you've just painted, the family-heirloom quilt you've finished lovingly sewing. Or you could video yourself singing to us all, or get the kids to film you dancing like you've never danced before.  And upload it to our Mimi and Tilly group.  So that we can all cheer you on. And see the glitter and sparkle that has lit up your day.

That way we can share the small gems and treasures that have brought you joy.

Then each week, if it's ok with you, absolutely with your permission, I'd like to feature some of that glitter and sparkle here on my blog.  And show everyone how amazing you are.  And tell everyone about your blog or website.  So that we can all find you.

What do you think?  Do you fancy it?

I'm in.

(Obviously, I should just point out that this is a family-friendly group.  So I apologise if your joy and sparkle in life comes from anything not "family friendly".  Ahem.  But, for the sake of all members, and to prevent me from choking on my coffee each time I visit Mimi and Tilly on Flickr, please keep those glittery moments to yourself. So, no nudity, or inappropriate content please.  Thank you.)

So my Favourite Thing On a Friday this week, is our new Mimi and Tilly Flickr group. Follow the link to join in and shine.

Here, too, are my moments of bliss this week:

  • Getting excited about my blog, and loving the ideas that have been fizzing in my head.
  • Adding the finishing touches to a blanket I have been knitting for over a year.  I'm a slow knitter. Feeling really proud that although it's taken me a long time, I've nearly finished the first blanket I've ever made.
  • Lying in my bed, enjoying the warm duvet and fluffy pillows, while listening to the rain outside.
  • Waking up to find my enormous cat lying over my feet to keep warm.
  • Getting a text message from my significant other, Steve, which made me howl laughing. 
  • Finding a vintage crochet pattern pushed through my letter box by my friend.  Her mum had found it online and thought of me.

What has brought you bliss this week?  I'm linking up with Live Lane to share mine.  Feel free to link up with Liv too.  And if you're joining in with Favourite Thing on a Friday, link up below.  That way we can all find you and come and harass you lovingly with comments.  The link up for Favourite Thing On a Friday is open right through until Sunday night.

P.S.  If you need any help signing up to the Mimi and Tilly Flickr group, just let me know and I'll help you out.


  1. I've been struggling with feeling excited, and motivated with my blog and the whole blogging process right now.
    It really shows in your blog that you're excited about yours. What a great blog.
    Thanks for sharing your Bliss List and for visiting mine.

  2. Congratulations on completing your blanket!

  3. Hi. Love your flickr group idea. I am a bit addicted to sparkly things. Dropping by from BBTL class. Nancy

  4. I will totally cheer on a video of someone dancing! And maybe we can just share pictures of gorgeous waiters : ) Brilliant idea : )

  5. I will totally cheer on somebody dancing on video! And maybe the next best thing would be if we all share photos of gorgeous waiters : ) Brilliant idea, Emma!

  6. Such a lovely idea Emma...I am off to join your Flickr group and hopefully post a pic!....Well done on finishing your blanket too....
    Wishing you a lovely, sparkly weekend,
    Susan x

  7. Favourite thing on Friday, what a nice idea! Maybe I will join you next time... :) Anyways, I'm following your blog now, because it's always nice to read your faves. I've joined the flickr group too!

    Lying in bed with fluffy pillows sounds so soooo good, hm hm!!

    Have a nice weekend. :)


  8. Great idea! Loving what's already in it, can't wait to see more. What a good way to cheer up a rather dull grey day. :)

  9. Aw, I'm ALL about the inappropriate content! Oh well, I can enjoy other peoples'!

  10. Great Idea. Just went over & joined. I promise to keep it family friendly (wink).

    I am just like you - I love to lay in a warm bed and hear the rain fall outside. It feels so very cozy!

    Hope you have a good weekend.


    p.s. Isn't that video amazing? Glad you liked it.

  11. Awesome Emma! Love the little memo about the rating... and not wanting to choke on your coffee! Great list this week too!

  12. Love this Emma! I'm behind but I will link up. I've got the perfect pic to add too! Such a creative idea. yay you!

  13. What a great idea, Emma! I love it and I have a perfect photo to share too! When I get caught up I'll link up with you! I adore your page too!

  14. Lying in bed and listening to the rain oh, how I love that...thanks for visiting my blog via the Bliss List.

  15. Lying in bed listening to the rain is one of my favorite things, too. Thanks for visiting my blog via the Bliss List.

  16. you make me chuckle.

    brilliant idea. i've joined up with a picture of the ripple blanket i'm making at the moment and LOVING.

  17. Hi from BBTL, I signed up for the Flickr group, I can't wait to see what images people capture. Love your list!

  18. I've joined your group, can't wait to see people's glittery goodness! Fabulous list! (also from BBTL and improving my blog!)

  19. everyone needs a daily dose of sparkle!

  20. Sorry, haven't been round to link up lately, hopefully will do soon, but it seems like 24 hr is not enough for me :)))
    have a great week!

  21. Love your list. So excited you are finishing your blanket. I hope you'll share a photo when you're done!

  22. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments on my Bliss list post!

    Congrats on finishing up your knitted blanket! You have much more patience than I do:)

    Your new Flickr group sounds fun and I've joined. I look forward to participating.
    I hope you're having a great week so far!


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