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This year I have decided that I'd like to show my gratitude for the different people, friends and things in my life, that bring me glitter and sparkle.  One of the things I have decided to do, is try to spread a little glitter and sparkle myself by sending small gifts to people.  If I have something that I know someone else will love, I've decided to let it go, package it up, and send it to the person I think would love it.

A little while ago I found a vintage throw in a shop, and knew that it needed to go to someone who would appreciate it.  I bought it and put it aside, hoping that I'd find a good home for it.  Last week, I found the throw neatly folded in a drawer and realised that Vix who writes the blog "Vintage Vixen" would probably love it.  I've been reading Vix's blog for a good while now and it's fabulous.  In every sense of the word.  A heady mix of fantastic vintage fashion, and sassiness, with a big dollop of Vix's joie de vivre.  I packaged up the throw and sent it to her.  It felt good knowing the throw was going to a good home.  Vix being the gorgeous woman that she is, responded by sending me a gift.

But not just any gift.

A while ago Vix featured a book on her blog that she had found.  It was full of glitter and sparkle.  Literally. It was a book all about jewellery designers, jewellery fashions and styles.  I remember drooling over it.  When the post man came this week, and a parcel arrived, I was really touched that Vix would send something to me.  I was beyond excited as I opened it up.  And actually squealed when I saw what it was.


The book I had dribbled over on Vix's blog!  Fashion For Jewels by Carol Woolton.  Carol Woolton is jewellery editor for Vogue.  She has the most gorgeous website full of jewellery porn gorgeousness at http://www.carolwoolton.com.  If you love jewellery, sparkle, glitter and glamour, her website is a fantastic place to lose yourself for a few days a short while.




Vix, thank you for the fabulous gift.  I love it.

♥Little Bliss List # 4♥

So here is my bliss list for this week...
  • Sitting with a cup of tea and reading my new book.
  • Doodling in my art journal with markers, pastels and paints.
  • Getting a visit from my mum, dad, and Zaide, their dog. (Zaide is an ex-guide dog for the blind.  He was named by the Guide Dog Association.  I love it that his name is Arabic for "sparkling, bright"!)  
  • Being given the best of doggy welcomes by Zaide when he saw me. All four of his feet actually came off the ground.
  • Sitting and eating chocolate cake with my mum and dad, and having a chat.


If you want to link up with Favourite Thing On A Friday, you can do that just below this post.  I'm also linking up with Liv Lane.  So feel free to join in over there too.  

Bliss List
Sending love and smiles,


  1. I love Art Nouveau.
    Happy weekend, dear friend

  2. What a lovely thoughtful gift, enjoy it ;-)) dee x

  3. That dog is just sooooo lovely - his face makes my heart melt!

  4. Such a lovely idea Emma and such a lovely gift you have received in return too..This looks like such a fabulous book...Oh, Zaide is beautiful...such a handsome boy!
    I have linked up for 'Favourite thing on a Friday' Emma..
    Hope you have a wonderful, sparkly weekend full of all good things,
    Susan x

  5. Sometimes it is the simplest things that bring us the greatest joy. Lovely post. Wishing you a bliss filled week!

  6. My pleasure, Em! I thought of you each time I opened that book, it was rightfully yours! What a beautiful dog, he looks so intelligent and kindly! Have a fab weekend. x

  7. Your week sounds lovely Emma! I visited my parents too. I so glad to have them still around me.

    What a lovely idea to send someone a present you know she will love.

    Wish you a happy weekend. Enjoy your book & tea!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous doggie!! It emphasises my dog-broodiness, I grew up always having one and miss the doggy-shaped hole :-)

    What a beautiful gift from Vix, I'd imagine it was really informative too!

    Jem xXx

  9. HOoray for favourite things. I dont think i have a bliss list for this week. other than the fact that it's Friday I guess.
    Get this, I got home and out of the car and then realised it was friday. !!!
    was like waking up on a saturday and remembering it's the weekend :)

  10. That book looks absolutely stunning, Vix is an absolute diamond. Have a lovely weekend x

    ***Faith Hope and Charity Shopping first blogiversary giveaway open now***

  11. There is nothing like getting an inspiring book as a gift!! You lucky thing! And....I love Zaide!

  12. Vix is so thoughtful, what a beautiful book! Giving feels so good :)

  13. Vix's generosity and kindness are legendary! What a lovely book.
    And your wisdom and thoughtfulness are pretty amazing too, Emma. Simple pleasures are the blissful best.
    Zaide is such a handsome boy! xxx

  14. Hi Em, what a beautiful book, Vix is a wonderful gal isn't she xx

  15. I love the little bliss list Em! So happy that kindness has been given and received too.

    Happy weekend, Steohie x

  16. Hey there! I have tagged you in my blog with some 'get to know you' questions but don't feel you HAVE to complete this task, only if you want to and have the time!!


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