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Favourite Thing On A Friday - Styling My Locks


There is one thing that I am uniformly, consistently and impressively rubbish at doing. Styling my own hair.  I have been blessed with a full head of hair (I feel very fortunate I didn't inherit my father's male pattern baldness) but it is the most uniquely baby fine hair I have ever personally witnessed.  I only have to say the word "balloon" and it leaps into a gravity defying display of static.  Say the word "rain" and it falls dramatically into a limp imitation of a wet bobble hat.  When I say "In the name of all that is good and great, will you please form yourself into something akin to a chic chignon?" it looks at me apologetically and hangs in a knotty, dry nest, clinging nervously to the back of my head.  I don't mean to be mean to my hair, but it requires a lot of work, effort and energy to get it looking impressive.

I've come to the conclusion that if my hair was a person, it would be judged as high maintenance and extremely needy.

Oodles of energy not being my strong point right now, I've resorted for some time to yanking my hair impatiently into a pony tail.  And when all else has failed, I've donned... Wait for it...  A baseball cap.  I can only apologise.

You can imagine my enthusiasm this week, when I serendipiticiously (I've just made that word up, and love it) came across a link to a blog that told me it could teach me how to style my hair.

With a heavy sneer, a dramatic roll of my eye balls and the room ringing with the words, "Well let's see what you can teach me to do with this crowning glory...", I set off to see if I could indeed be transformed into Charles Worthington minus the male parts but with the glamorously bouffant quality to my hair.

After watching several videos whilst making harried mental notes, I let myself  loose on my static-weary mop and here are the gloriously volumised, yet casually chic, results.

Yes, my friends, thanks to a lovely lady named Kate, I've managed to learn how to style my hair.  And I am happy.

Prepare yourselves for some serious "Because I'm worth it!" head shots.  I am shameless.

Kate from The Small Things blog is a professional hair-stylist and beautician.  She is bright and full of sunshine.   She also just happens to post the most fantastic "how-to" videos I have come across which clearly demonstrate the best ways to whip your hair into a range of quick, beautiful and easy hairstyles.  Kate takes you through each style on her own hair so that you can see exactly what to do to tame your own tresses.  She  is an inspiration.  I am totally converted. As far as I'm concerned, Kate has performed a public service.  I no longer leave my home sporting a look that shrieks "Help me!" and now leave my home sporting a look that purrs "Get me!"

When Steve saw me with my newly styled "do" the first words out of his mouth were "Wow, you look gorgeous, have you had your hair done?"

Thank you so much Kate...

What has been your favourite thing this week?  I'm really looking forward to finding out. Join in by linking up below and posting a link back to Mimi and Tilly in your Favourite Thing On a Friday post.

I'll be over faster than I can fashion a chignon.  Which used to mean I'd be over some time next week, and now means I'll be over in a minute or two!


  1. Stylish! I can't do anything with my hair. It's a sort-of short bob and one side goes out and the other curls under, and NO WAY will either side allow itself to be styled to match the other! So I just tip my head upside down and run the dryer round it a while, flip back up, brush and go!

  2. It looks fabulous!
    Are you taking your new hair out tonight to show it off?
    Have a lovely weekend

  3. Are you me? Seriously I'm horrible at hair, my go to's are pony tail and buns. I have to check out this site because you hair looks awesome.

  4. I've come to the conclusion that your hair looks how you'd like it to look on just two days of every year...and it's sods law that those are the two days that you're laid up in bed with flu!

  5. Your hair looks lovely! I have similar problems styling my hair, maybe I'll have a look at the that blog - thank you.

  6. I think I need to take my cues from you Em. I'm still terrible at all things hair-related. Must up my game as your 'do looks gorgeous!

    Jem xXx

  7. Hi Emma,

    Your hair looks lovely. What a beautiful colour you have too. I always have to style my hair after I have washed it, otherwise my sleek bob isn't that sleek :-)!

    Wish you a happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  8. Fabulosa hair there Em - I've always thought your hair looked perfect to be honest! Love the tutorial link though - I'm looking for some alternatives to "up in a bun" or "loose" which are quick and easy for work - and can be achieved at 06..something in the morning whilst half asleep & will survive an hour's drive with me wildly gesticulating at traffic! I wonder if she has any suggestions...?

  9. aahh it looks gorgeous and such a lovely shade of red? unless my eyes are playing tricks. I hate the rain my hair just turns into a fiz ball not a good look ;-) Have a wonderful weekend, dee xx

  10. Fabulous styling there, Em! You put my feeble attempts to shame. Apparently I have "fine hair but a lot of it" which means a complete unruly nightmare.
    You look gorgeous, I'll definitely be following a tutorial. x

  11. I used to have hair down to my arse, but for the past 13 years i've been using the clippers and it never gets longer than about an inch, which is an awful lot easier to look after.

    Let me know if you ever want to borrow the clippers and we can do some before and after shots :)

  12. heeeheee! I love the comparison of your hair to a person! My "hair person" would have to be a neglected one who really only gets attention when there is something to be gained (like a night out!) But maybe this miracle woman you have shared will inspire me to do more..shall go check out!
    Loving your gorgeous locks :)xx

  13. I too am in the fine hair but lots of it camp. Thinking of trying to grow it a bit, but I always give up when it gets to the horrible in-between stage!
    Your 'do looks gorgeous - well done! You ARE worth it!
    Have a lovely weekend. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. bugger I missed it this week! My driveway is being done and it's chaos round here.

    The hair piccies are great and I'm off to have a look at her site for some help too. My hair is always just blasted then straightened need a change. Lolo xx

  15. I second Steve! Your colour is pretty gorgeous, too!

  16. Wow, I love this hairstyle, you look gorgeous. I'm unconvinced that even the easiest how-tos can A) be followed by me and B) have a chance on my crazy hair (another lots of fine hair nightmare here), but I'm willing to give it a go.


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