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I Can Feel A Titter Brewing

Just to let you know, I woke up this morning, made myself my usual bucket of tea, and halfway through drinking it, could feel a titter brewing (alongside the tea in my unfeasibly large mug).  It wasn't about anything in particular, but it was definitely there.

This is tremendously good news.  I don't like not finding things funny.  I don't like not feeling excited about something, anything.

I have started knitting a scarf.  I've knitted another square for my granny blanket.  I've got my second guest blogger sharing their sparkle here at Mimi and Tilly this week.  And, drum roll please, I've got an article I've written being featured in an online magazine this coming Friday (I'll tell you more about that in a special blog post later this week).

Not too shabby for a woman who temporarily lost her titter.

I'm still experiencing that powerful blend of M.E. symptoms.  However, I've been able to accept them for what they are, stop fighting them, rest up, and ask for the help I've needed.  It's made a huge difference.  I don't find asking for help very easy.  I naturally tend towards stoicism and radical independence.  I've learned this week that letting someone help you is giving that person an opportunity to demonstrate how much they love you.  I didn't understand this until this week when friends and family rallied round.  I am very grateful for the love and help I've been given this week.  Thank you.

And a huge thank you for all the beautiful words that you left for me in the comments section, after I wrote my last post.  Each and every one of your comments touched me, and helped me get my titter back.  I wasn't expecting that kind of reponse, and am very grateful for your kindness, support and friendship.

So, for now, I'm taking things easy, saying boo to the blue (Thanks Jenny!), resting up, and being very gentle with myself. I'll be back this week with a gorgeous blog post from Coco Rose who is sharing her sparkle.

Now that's something to smile about.



  1. I hope your titter stays hither indefinitely! Lovely to hear that you're feeling a little better and smiling again :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. Glad yo hear your sparkle has returned. I lose mine now and then too, but luckily always find it back again :-)!

    Take care & Happy New Week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  3. Nice to hear you've got your titter back. Having faced some traumatic times over the past several years, it is my honest belief now that you can not truly understand pure joy and pure happiness without having felt the contrast of the opposite of those feelings. Be well and be easy on yourself. Smiles and laughter for you today. X

  4. Take care :)) and have a wonderful week!

  5. SO Glad you're feeling better :) I cant WAIT to hear about the article !

  6. I've never heard of a titter but I am glad you have it back. I did get the drift of what it is. Hugs from across the world.

  7. Tittering is fun, a chuckle is great, but a guffaw is truly wonderful :)

  8. I'm glad you feel better! Yay! :)

  9. Have a wonderful week and so your right about the meaning of your friends and familys help. Take lots of care, dee xx

  10. so pleased that you're on the road to regaining strength.

    Letting-People-Help is a tough lesson to learn, and glad you feel ok about it now- it's sometimes the only way forward.

    Are you still able to do your meditation- I know sometimes I feel that at the times when you most need to do it, you feel unable to be so close to those circumstances.

    We're all rootin' for you,
    with love

  11. Hi Emma, missed your last post. Just read it. Glad you're feeling more cheery. I have a friend who suffered with ME for a number of years although she is much much better these days. So there is hope. Keep tittering, missus. xx

  12. I've a few of everyones posts lately so haven't read your last :( Good to hear that you are accepting help when you need it...you're lucky to be so loved. Take care.xx.

  13. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit more chipper! Lots of love being sent your way from me. x

  14. Hi Emma, I've just caught up on your last post too. I'm glad you are feeling brighter now, that's good news.
    When my youngest daughter was born and wasn't well, I really struggled with asking for help, though I badly needed it. A good friend told me that she, and others, really wanted to be able to do something for me, as they felt useless doing nothing. So I have really tried to take offers of help at face value (they wouldn't offer if they didn't want to) and recognise that the folk who love you WANT to be involved and to feel helpful.
    Sorry - that's a bit of an essay, all by way of saying - I know what you mean! Take care! xxxx

  15. So glad you are feeling better Em! Congrats on the article and, even more importantly, for accepting help when you need it. I know it can be hard to ask.

    A happy new week to you, Stephie x

  16. yay, that's great news to hear that you're feeling better...

    and as Yazz used to say in the 80s... The Only Way is Up! :)


  17. Congratulations on all your recent achievements, but especially the titter!!!


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