Favourite Thing On a Friday! - I'm sorry, I forgot!


Oops.   It's Friday.  And I forgot to post about my favourite thing this week...  I can't believe it.  What in the David Dickinson is that all about?  I'm sorry!

All I can say in my defense is...  Nope.  I got nothing.  I've just popped on the computer now to catch up on my blog reading and realised, "Nooooooo, it's Friday!  You haven't posted about your Favourite Thing On A Friday!"

So, my favourite thing this week is that I can remember my own name, my home address, and to put my undercrackers on the right way, as clearly, I'm having trouble elsewhere!  I'll leave the link open until tomorrow if you'd like to link up and I'll be over to see your favourite things this week.

I'm having trouble getting my head around the irony of this considering my post yesterday, which was actually called "Remember...".  Seriously.  You couldn't make this up.

 I'm sorry.

P.S.  Note to self "I am enough.   But must do better!" 


  1. This made melaugh for the following:
    'What the David Dickinson'
    Love it, you are a gem. You don't half make me larf! xxx

  2. Yeah, undercrackers and the irony did it for me - funny!

    Sarah xxx

  3. good idea for your friday, to post your favourite thing :)

  4. heehee..you are truly a girl after my own heart :D so you will be my favourite thing for a Friday (and saturday too seeing as how we've now reached the weekend!)
    Can't wait to see your new jewellery based bloggy look...I've been working away too on setting up a website which has required equal hair plumping and chats to myself! pheweee aren't we fab?! :)
    Farewell to those scrummy cupcakes and big hugs to you xx

  5. I've no favourite thing post this week, a bit busy fir the last few days, and didn't have much time for blogging
    I hope you are having great weekend


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