I found this quote today and wanted to share it with you.  If I'd read this in my 20's, I might have saved myself a bit of bother...

  I couldn't find who to attribute it to though.  If you know, could you let me know?

I'll be back on Friday with...


I'm looking forward to seeing what your favourite things have been this week.

I decided to have a bit of a bake yesterday.  Inspired as I was by the final of "The Great British Bake-Off".  I didn't quite have all the ingredients to match any of my biscuit recipes, so decided to play free and easy and see what happened.  I'm very happy to tell you, I've managed to invent a new form of Communion wafer.  Vanilla flavoured.  I iced them with pink icing just to gigi them up a bit.  I didn't know it was possible to bake biscuits this flat.

I'd post pictures but...  I don't want to.

  I hope you're having a beautiful day.


  1. Brilliant quote! I'm off to do some baking, not sure if it'll be worthy of sharing either. xxx

  2. That is a very good quotation. I like the sound of your new biscuits. They could have people flocking back to church, perhaps?

  3. That quote is wonderful! It certainly turns things round and puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

    I LOVE your blog and I also wanted to say (having just made a doll) how much I love Dilys.

    Warmest wishes,


  4. I love your quote. I could have done with it in my younger days too. I was a woman who loved too much!
    I laughed at the bit about biccies. I don't really show baking on my blog because it always looks a bit messy!
    Ta for liking my hairbands. I fear I look like a madzer. xxx

  5. Lovely quote!!!

  6. Hi Em,

    Simply beautiful words! I haven't seen them before, but they are so true. Hope your biscuits tasted well :-)!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  7. Too funny Em! I love the quote too! Stephie x

  8. Lovely, wise words Em...
    Hope you have a great day,
    Susan x

  9. this made me smile. It reminds me how amazingly blessed I am (I met Rob when I was 20, so he saved me the bother).

    hope you are doing well friend,


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