It's FTOF Day Tomorrow!

So, it's Thursday, which means that tomorrow is the day we share our Favourite Thing On a Friday.  As you may recall, I forgot last week.  So this week I'm making a point of remembering my own ruddy link-up and posting a reminder (mainly for myself).


So, what's been your favourite thing this week?  A fantastic charity shop find?  A great car-booty haul?  A good book you've not been able to put down?  Something you've made?  An age-inappropriate outfit you've worn that just knocked socks off itself?  (If anyone has had the joie de vivre to wear nipple tassels and a pair of y-fronts down to Tesco's, I'd really appreciate a link up to photographic proof/police mug shots.)  Have you written a blog post that made you proud to be a blogger?  Whatever has been your favourite thing this week is fab for a link up here.

All you have to do is check out the bottom of my post tomorrow and find the link-up tool, add your blogspot url and then let people know on your blog post that you're linking up with Mimi and Tilly.

Then we'll be all over your blog like static on crimplene.

P.S.  Thank you for all your fantastic comments about yesterday's post.  I was genuinely a bit nervous about posting it (and the photo of me), as I don't tend to rant too much on my blog (or post too many photos of myself).  However, now that I've found the whole experience of ranting here positively liberating, I'll be sure and share my soap box musings more often.  Just a heads up though.  I do tend to get myself in a lather about different things.  It's possible I may start to scare instead of share...


  1. I hope I will remember, but trying to update my etsy shop I am so busy lately :)

  2. My favourite thing this week was rummaging through all those lovely embroidery threads trying to find you one of each colour!!! They'll be on their way at the weekend! ;D


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