I Won!

I've only gone and won a blog giveaway!


The lovely Sue from The Krafty Cupcake recently had a blog giveaway.  And I won.

A parcel arrived for me in the post (I get so excited getting parcels in the post), and I found these fabulous things inside...

The current edition of "Sew" magazine, containg a gorgeous Simplicity paper pattern, and Sue had made a really pretty cupcake for me.

Thank you Sue for a beautiful parcel.

You made my day.

I've never read "Sew" before and can't understand why as I'm a hand-sewing fanatic.

Who can forget Dilys?


I made Dilys back in 2010.  She was my first foray into doll-making.  Click on her picture to read more!

There were lots of beautiful things to make in "Sew", including this...


And these...

I reckon a polka dot bow on a hair band is just the ticket to get me through the Autumn months with a spring in my step and a song in my heart.

Not that I need much of an excuse to sport a dandy bow. Or burst into song.

Thank you Sue, once again, for making my day special.  


  1. well done you!

    I'm jealous, but still, well done



  2. Congratulations Em, you received some beautiful presents!

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  3. What a fantastic prize, especially Dilys. Loks liek we've both been lucky lately. xxx

  4. Ooh, congratulations! Bloggers are so generous, aren't they?

  5. Yahoo for you my sweet friend...so glad you won...love that sweet cupcake. Happy new week. xoxo

  6. I am sooooooooo glad for you. Enjoy!!!

  7. I am deeply in love with Dilys. I LOVE HER. Gorgeous gorgeosity. See, I've even made up a new word especially for her. xxx

  8. Well done you! I will have to check out Sew magazine, those bows are so cute!


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