Marathons and Windy Days

My lovely significant other, Steve, ran the Liverpool marathon today.

It was windy and rainy but after 26 miles, he crossed over the finish line smiling.  I'm so proud of him.

He's raising money for Wirral Autistic Society (WAS) Family Support Unit.

WAS provides residential and day care services to 115 adults with autism. People with autism can feel overwhelming frustration and anxiety and often need life long support from places like WAS. Services focus on encouraging independence and the development of life skills to help clients achieve their full potential. 

Steve is the manager of the Family Support Unit at Wirral Autistic Society, and his long-term goal is to raise £5,000 to buy much-needed sensory equipment for the children with autism that the unit supports.

In Steve's own words...

"Hi everyone, I’m running, (Well, I say running!) the Liverpool Marathon this year and we want to raise lots of money to buy some sensory equipment for the children we support across all sorts of settings from activity clubs to family homes.

 The hope is to raise £5000 to buy 10 sensory blackout tents and have enough equipment to make each one of them a unique and special sensory experience for young people, either in our activity clubs or at home with our support staff.  It would be lovely if you could spare some money and help support the cause.

Cheers. Wish me luck!"

Steve Vasey (Family Support Manager, Wirral Autistic Society) 

If you are able to make a donation , Steve would be thrilled.

You can donate at Steve's Just Giving page here HERE

And learn more about Wirral Autistic Society on their website HERE

Thank you so much for your donations.  I know times are a bit tough at the moment, but every amount donated will make a huge difference to the children with autism that the Family Support Unit helps.  

Steve finished the race with a spring in his step, but has since stiffened up and is now trying to coax himself into a hot bubble bath!  Here is a picture of the man himself after he finished running...

Steve's legs were the normal length at 
the beginning of the marathon.

Thank you for your support, it is very much appreciated.  

 P.S.  I'll be back tomorrow with a details of a giveaway to celebrate hitting 200 followers.  Thank you for being so fab. Em x


  1. Congrats Steve - what a fabulous achievement! I hope you raise loads of money.

    Sarah xxx

  2. Wow what an amazing thing to do, you must be so proud. He is rather handsome isn't he ;o) Lolo x

  3. An issue that is close to my heart, thanks for posting this.xx.

  4. Well done Steve! I ran the Great North Run a couple of years back, I have to say I didn't look as healthy as Steve does in that piccie! at the end! Such a worth cause. Sue x

  5. Well done, Steve. I bet I wouldn't look as good as he does after a 26 mile run in the rain. x


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